All Sales will Help Save Animals in need !

From each Purchase 50% will go to an Animal Chartiy Project !

I need some Canvas, Paint, Time, Food and a Roof over my Head.

I have all these things, but unfortunatly many Animals dont have what they need.

That´s why i will always give at least 50% of every purchase to a charity or APP that helps Animals in need.  Currently all Money will go to the FEEDADOG Project thats gives Food to Dogs in Shelters all over the World.


feed a dog

Fill bowls with just one click !
Help Dogs all over the World

About feed a dog:
feed a dog is an initiative of Gooding has been developing new ways to support non-profit associations since 2012 - more than 1.7 million euros have already been collected for a good cause. With the feed a dog app, Gooding has launched another initiative to specifically support animal welfare groups that rely on feed donations for dogs. Feed a dog's logistics partner is ZooRoyal. The specialist for animal supplies procures and sends the feed donations to the animal protection associations on site. feed a dog works transparently. Every feed donation can be traced via the charity platform


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